Top 10 ways to help out your inspector

  1. Pass out or make or business cards available to your Clients. Make them aware of all the great features of our web site ( and our many great services.
  2. Make certain that we have a sighed inspection agreement BEFORE the inspection.
  3. Confirm that the Seller and his agent are aware of the inspection
  4. Confirm the utilities are on and pilot lights are burning.
  5. Make sure the inspector has access to any keys, alarm, or entrance codes.
  6. Allow the inspector enough space to concentrate during the inspection. Inspectors love to answer questions, but appropriateness is always nice.
  7. If you are an agent for the Seller make sure they check out our web site under the “Seller” area.. Tons of tips and suggestions on improvement/repair how-to’s. This will help with “defect” Correction BEFORE the inspection.
  8. Remind Sellers to unlock any areas the inspector must access: Gates, Attic doors, Electric service panels, Closets, etc.
  9. Confirm areas are accessible. Remove stored items that may restrict access to attic, crawl space, electric panel, water heater, HVAC equipment, etc.
  10. Save yourself a little time by allowing the inspector to upload your report to our website, or perhaps try our time saving online scheduling. We can “save a lot of trees” by doing this, AND it’s much faster.
    We often share the same Client. Let’s work together in an effort to give them GREAT SERVICE!

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