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As a buyers agent why should I want the most thorough and detailed home inspection report available?
As a Real Estate Professional the purpose of a home inspection is to protect the client, whether a buyer or seller, and the agent. Remember the better the home inspection the less likely there will be that awful call in a month or two – “Do you remember us, the Jones’, who bought the house at 210 Smith Street ? We found out today that no one told us about the XYZ problem. We’ve contacted an attorney over this matter…..”
Enough said.

OK, so I get this great inspection, how do I deal with the problems that the report brings out?
“Mr. and Mrs. Jones, in all lived in homes there are things that need attention. Some are more important than others, what are the items that concern you?” It inspires trust and goodwill. As a real estate professional, you have earned the clients trust, future business and referrals. As real estate professional, part of every sale is to build the future of your business. If you criticize a thorough inspection you only raise the level of anxiety.

As a sellers agent why should I want the most thorough and detailed seller’s inspection report available?
Most buyers inspections take place as close as possible to closing . Good for buyers, often not so good for sellers. When a seller learns of defects in advance of a contract offer, they can choose to fix or disclose. When a problem is found just before closing, disclosure is not an option any more. The seller can only repair or negotiate the price based on inflated estimates from the buyers.

I am impressed with the web site. How can I help promote this resource?
When your clients ask for a home inspector, just give them our web site address! We’ll even be glad to stop by your office and bring you some info to pass out to clients. OR, just remember and you’ll never have to worry about referring names again. Be sure to mention our site to all of your co workers as well.

What else can my client ask a home inspector to help make a decision?

  • What type of report do you deliver?
    A home inspection should include a report that describes what was inspected and the condition of each inspected item. The best reports are created using home inspection software that include pictures and comments specific to your home.
  • When and how do you deliver the report?
    Our Inspectors deliver the repor via email the evening of the inspection.   Internet report delivery is often important for out of town clients instead of messy faxes or costly overnights.
  • Can I see a sample home inspection report?
    Request a copy of a sample report to make sure it is detailed and easily understood. If you cannot understand the report or if you lose interest in reading the ton of extra useless information some reports contain you probably will not read your own report and maybe miss important information.

Who is the cheapest? Inspectors all look at the same things right?
Every inspector is different and comes with strong points and weak points. You may save $50 by choosing a cheaper inspector and he could miss $1,000 in problems. Usually, the best inspectors are not the cheapest. If you want to save money, possibly thousands, then don’t choose the cheapest inspector. A thorough and experienced home inspector is the best route to take.

Some offer to give a big book of info that is included in the home inspection?
What you are after is a thorough home inspection with content about your home, not bulk or info that may not even apply to your home. There are many books that are loaded with more info such as “Ortho’s Home Encyclopedia” that you can pick up at any home improvement store. Also there are many online how to’s. Choose a home inspector based on his ability. Substance should be measured in content, not weight.

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