A local realtor explains how to pick a home inspector

Choosing a highly qualified inspector at a reasonable price

As a Realtor, I personally have had much experience with home inspections during the buying process. Be sure you check out your inspector thoroughly. NEVER, choose the least expensive inspector. You will definitely regret it in the future. A highly qualified inspector usually charges between $250 and $450, depending on the size and age of the home. New construction 3 phase inspections normally cost between $380 and $800 mainly because they are making 3 trips to the home. One for foundation, 2nd is the Rough inspection/Pre-drywall, and 3rd is the Final. Be sure that the inspection itself is thorough/detailed. Most inspectors will have a way that you can preview their inspection booklet/forms prior to committing to an appointment with their company. Some will even go so far as to provide you a copy of a “sample” that they have prepared. If not, be leery. Most likely you will end up with one page of chicken scratch on a piece of paper or a one-pager typed in a bulleted list. Also, be sure to use your common sense. When you called them were they professional? Knowledgeable, helpful? I have contacted quite a few. It is really scary! I mean if they answer Billy Bobs Inspection Service then RUN very fast! Ok, I am being a bit sarcastic, but you know what I mean. If they don’t sound professional now, you will definitely will have a problem in the future with them. Be sure they have proof that they are licensed, and hopefully belong to some type of association or organizations that have certain standards for them to meet. Most importantly be sure they have a background and experience fitting of a home inspector. If they don’t then how can they do an inspection for you without that important foundation? I mean, a zookeeper could quit his job today, take a bunch of classes or tests and call himself an inspector! Ridiculous huh? But, very true! There are many other credentials to consider when choosing an inspector , call a local Realtor and let them help you choose the right Inspector!

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