“Your best protection is a home inspection” — The inside story of your next home

The only item that some companies promote is price — but remember, you get what you pay for! If you choose an inspector based on what that inspector does to provide a more well—rounded experience, you will be better informed, and will ultimately be happier with your final report.

Make sure you work with a company who cares about the entire real estate process, and more importantly; make certain they care about you, THE CLIENT!

Use this convenient form to call other home inspection companies.

Ask them to answer the following questions:

Comparison Questions Home Check Inspectors Second Company Third Company
#1 Will the inspector: Climb up most roofs, crawl through the attic and crawl space, open the electrical panel, check the furnace, look for deteriorated wood conditions, operate all the built in appliances and equipment and report on water leakage evidence? YES ? ?
#2 Will the inspector: put your property into perspective by providing an easy to read narrative and checklist style, onsite printed report with color pictures? YES ? ?
#3 Will the inspector provide you with a sample report so that you can see what you will actually receive? YES ? ?
#4 Will the inspector: provide a computer generated report appropriate to the level of complexity of the property and the probability of undiscovered problems? YES ? ?
#5 Will the inspector: inform you about amateur workmanship or substandard maintenance, or advise when to consult an expert to look more closely at suspected problem areas? YES ? ?
#6 Will the inspector have Supra Key lockbox access in most areas for your convenience? So that it’s not mandatory for you to be there just to let them in and give them a check when the inspection is over. YES ? ?
#7 Will the inspector accept credit cards, debit cards? YES ? ?
#8 Will the inspector: report potentially dangerous or harmful elements, such as: YES ? ?
—  Moisture issues under the home YES ? ?
— Aluminum general lighting circuitry YES ? ?
— Improperly vented gas space heaters YES ? ?
— Improperly installed branch wiring at the panel box YES ? ?
— Inadequate combustion air or clearances to heating equipment YES ? ?
— Improper exterior door materials YES ? ?
— Inadequate insulation YES ? ?
— Un—tempered glass shower doors YES ? ?
— Restrictive ventilation in attics and crawl spaces YES ? ?
— Wood close to earth, increasing the risk of wood borer and rot damage YES ? ?
— Evidence of previous structural damage from termites YES ? ?
#9 Will the inspector provide a completed digital report format, including pictures, with the ability to download your report in seconds? Will the report be created specifically for your home? Instead of being sent an unreadable fax, having to wait for the mail or even be required to later pick—up a huge non—customized bulk of useless information that may distract you from noticing important discoveries about your new home. YES ? ?
Does the inspector have a Service Guarantee that says “If your not happy, you don’t pay! We’re not satisfied unless you are!”? YES ? ?